Aurora Shoes in Ireland

On Apr 14, 2013

We adore discussing pictures of our numerous sets of footwear and their life adventures.  Here's our newest e-mail from a pleased client who journeyed to Eire in Auroras.  I adore the pictures and want that I could be moved to that stunning backyard correct now.  A pint of Guinness wouldn't be fifty percent poor either...

I've been caring my footwear, and even taking pictures of them! I'm from sodium river City, and we just visited go to my grandma and grandpa in Eire. I have 3 pictures

1. My auroras outdoors St. James's Entrance of the Guinness store home in Dublin. I strolled all within the store home and discovered how to put the ideal pint in my Auroras!

2. My footwear by my grandma's backyard in a little Irish City (Anascaul, Co. Kerry, Eire). Her meals are the best.

3. My footwear in the Kitchen, in which the food Gathered from the backyard is ready and eaten! 

Thanks for producing amazing footwear!


Thanks so a lot for discussing, Neel.  It appears like you were built with a excellent time!  Where have your Aurora footwear used YOU?

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