Wedding Bell Shoes

On Apr 15, 2013

I've been talking to a beautiful bride-to-be about what to celebrate on for her wedding ceremony.

Besides the Occasion products - for us it was great drinks, meals and a reside music group - there are the products for you the bride.

Back when I obtained married, I experienced truly I never believed I would get married, so I didn't have a lot of suggestions or preferences.  I was most likely so un-opinionated that I was irritating to my vendors.  The Gown I obtained was okay, I do my personal make-up, I must have eliminated with a various hairstyle.

And I didn't truly get unique shoes.

If I would do it again, or if we would do a promise renewal, I would have much more of a concept to Connect the day time together, I'd put on a various type of Gown and I'd most likely get a truly vibrant set of shoes.

I adore the concept of a cosy whitened Gown with a take of vibrant shoes.  The Eco-friendly types over are excellent but I adore the conventional "blue" tones too.  These unique gems are all from BHLDN. 

I also believe a set of shimmering high heels would be enjoyable too, particularly in a excellent color.  Miu Miu, does the best, of course.

If we experienced to strategy a wedding ceremony re-do correct now, I'd Look for a nineteen fifties Gown and pair it with my gold Miu Miu Sends and twinkle on the aisle. 

Maybe I do require a promise renewal!