Fall Uniform

On Apr 17, 2013

Dear style Diary,

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So I'm understanding that I have a tendency to present with my equip on my Stylish a lot. Have you all observed this??haha, I require new poses. If only The Daybook could cometeach me her  modelling methods ;)
I lately strike the goldmine at permanently 21 with some birthday celebration cash and this horsie top is Certainly one of my valued new items! I've By no means possessed a top with Creatures on it but it's been my goal for the greatest time. examine mark!{Is it unfortunate that I have a actual listing of clothing I'm wanting for?... Here's to examine marks!}Anyways, I believe this ensemble is likely to turn out to be my drop uniform. I adore it!

Tried Certainly one of the nailpolish suggestions I noticed on Pinterest for as soon as! Lovin the 'glitter hombre'

there's the Stylish position again!

Aaaaand as soon as again. ;)top/Necklace:F21//Scarf:Gap//Pants/Boots:Charlotte Russe//Bracelets:YuniKelley

Don't overlook to key in to earn a beautiful band prior to it's over!!! There aren't that numerous records However so your odds are fairly high!!

P.S. Have the greatest Thanksgiving holiday everyone!